Art Education

As students go throughout the education system, I believe they should be given the
necessities so they can grow and be allotted the opportunities needed to succeed. As they grow, the need to learn will be vital in regards of growing into a productive human being in the community they are in. Learning is a life-long journey that humans are constantly taking part in throughout their lives, and as a teacher I am here to help guide those in the process.

IMG_3841I believe that Art plays a vital role in what the human experience is. Mankind was
painting on cave walls in the Paleolithic Era (The Lascaux Cave), or creating statuettes out of raw materials on hand (The Venus of Willendorf). From the past to current times, Art is used in various forms of expression. Students are exposed to creatives and the creative process every day, for example: their favorite cartoons, favorite musicians, favorite books, favorite video games/apps, even advertising geared towards their age group depending on what channel they’re watching or what website they’re on. Art plays a part every day in these students’ lives, and I want to open their minds to this fact as a means to broaden their world view.

My role as an Art educator is to create a safe, welcoming environment that allots the
freedom of expression and exploration through various types of media. In this exploration I want students to use various materials needed to create their vision, from traditional media (paint, charcoal, clay) or something non-traditional (plastic, food, buttons…). Each student is different, each with their own; likes/dislikes, abilities, and their way in the learning process. In this exploration students will be able to create as a means to interpret and better understand the world around them. This development of creative thinking in a diverse environment will help aid the IMG_3846student as they grow and continue through, not only in school, but throughout life

I’m a believer that everyone can make Art, as long as they are willing to put in the time, patience, and perseverance to create. As children grow, Art plays an important role in developing critical thinking skills, teaching students to persevere through problems, giving an outlet for emotions as a healthy coping mechanism, and teaching students to be creative.

I’m currently in my second year of teaching Art in grades 6-8, and I’m learning everyday from the students I teach. At the school I’m fortunate to be at, these students unfortunately didn’t have an Art class for a couple of years. As I progress, I am starting all my students back at the basics. I believe that those basics are needed as the foundation to creating Art. You need to know the rules to be able to break them later. The foundations are needed to be the stepping stones to expand artistic knowledge and the creative process.

IMG_3845As I continue to learn through my  years of teaching, I am able to take everything I learned through my undergraduate studies in Visual Arts and apply them to become an influential teacher to these deserving students. The skill set I have honed, and continue to hone with my professional practice as an artist, I am able to apply to help broaden the minds and creative process for those I teach.